Monday, March 21, 2011

Alexandria is THREE!!!

Our beautiful, fun-loving, ornery Alexandria turned 3 on January 10. She has grown so much in the last year it is unbelievable! She talks so much and says and does the funniest things! There is never a dull moment in life with her around. She has such a 3 going on 16 attitude and she will always let you know her opinion. She definitely has a mind of her own and she has no problem speaking it. She is also such a very sweet sister and is (usually) willing to give into Lily when she wants what Alex has. She loves kissing on her brother and cuddling with mommy and daddy. I love the mornings when she climbs into bed with my and we can spend a few minutes cuddling before we begin out day. She is always ready with a kiss and a hug. She loves to climb all over daddy's back hoping for a horsey ride. Alex loves the outdoors and loves playing outside whether it is 0 degrees or 100 degrees outside. She loves animals and they looove her too! Alexandria is such a special little girl and we enjoy having her and being able to watch her grow. Her face lights up when she smiles are her giggle is so contagious! We look forward to another year of watching you become a little lady! Happy Birthday Alexandria! WE LOVE YOU SISSY!!!


Sharron said...

No way!! Happy Birthday . . belatedly but hope it is another wonderful year for you!!

Handkerchiefgal said...

So, this is a bit odd but I saw you comment on My Dear Trash and thought I would answer your question.
I live in Tulsa, OK and there is 1 (just 1) thrift store here that has .99 cent days. It is on Tuesday and Saturday for clothing only...and only clothing that isn't certain color tags. They rotate two tags every week so the clothing cycles through.
It is a good system and works well. Saturday is when they switch them around and I really like to hit it that day but if I don't make it I can usually pick stuff up on Tuesday, it has just been picked over more...
Hope this helps!
I had no look finding a goodwill or salvation army that had $1 days. I even called. 1/2 price is the best I've seen at them.